Maker of bespoke conductor’s batons

Besides being a performer & entertainer, Tom enjoys working with his hands as a craftsman. He is a trained blacksmith, metalsmith, jeweler, and woodworker, and has some leatherworking and glassblowing experience. Tom has put these skills to good use in the theater, as he has designed, built, and repaired various props and sets over the years.

As a craftsman, he is primarily known as a maker of fine conducting batons which he has provided for choral and orchestral conductors all over the world. He has even been known to make a magic wand or two! His batons have been seen everywhere from highschool classrooms to the Metropolitan Opera and everywhere in between.

Tom is more than happy to speak with you to design and craft a custom conducting baton* for you or someone you know! If you have further questions or would like to see a gallery of his work, please visit

(There is currently a waiting list as Tom is in Europe and away from his workshop until summer of 2023)

*Knitting needles, Nålebinding needles, yarn spindles, wands, etc.

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